Young Adult & Families

 This group's goal is to nurture young adults' minds, bodies, and spirits. In order to achieve the goal of nurturing one's mind, we will have social events such as thought-provoking movies, themed discussions, and game nights. To nurture the body, we will have outdoor activities, potlucks, picnics, etc. In order to nurture spiritual growth, we will have activities such as soulful sundowns (music-based, interactive services), spirituality on tap (talking about spirituality in a bar), religious education classes (such as sex ed), mindfullness meditation, etc.

Young Adults are generally 18-50 (age focused but not exclusive) with and without children. Testimonial: "My family attended the potluck last month and had a great time. We met new people, enjoyed the discussion that hit on health, Martin Luther King and his ideals, medical marijuana, and even how these various topics all come together in some ways. I was also happy to notice how the kids bonded and were more friendly with each other the next Sunday." Vanessa Self

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  For additional information about this group or to become part, contact Jill Stone, volunteer coordinator. Her email is