Facilities & Rental

Our facilities are currently available for members, non-profit groups (with a member sponsor) and church-related activities. Please see the policiy below.

The sanctuary has a capacity of 193 persons and is used for recitals, weddings and speaker programs. With our beautiful stained glass window and the stage with wood flooring, the acoustics and beauty are easy to appreciate.

Across the parking lot is Bowman Hall, located in the lower level of the Unitarian House and recently renovated. The capacity of Bowman Hall is 74-159 (depending on usage) persons. With a non-commercial kitchen, tables and chairs, it is perfect for social times, meetings and recreational activities.

There are other smaller rooms in the facilities which may be used for small group meetings. 

The request form and details of the use agreements are found in the attachments.



It is the policy of UUFD that the facilities be available for meetings and programs that are compatible with the ministry, mission, and purpose of the congregation as expressed in its Mission Statement and the UUA Principles and Purposes.  It is also within our mission and principles to provide the opportunity for other organizations with compatible objectives to request use of the space.  The Board of Trustees may appoint a single individual or group to function on its behalf in the implementation of these policies.


The Board of Trustees has recently revised the order and description of priority usage of church facilities. Please access the attached file link below to review of copy of these policies.

 To request additional information about facility rental, please email information@durangouu.org or
call 247-1004.