Maria Hinojosa: 2012 Ware Lecture

"Stories from the Frontlines of the New America: Detention, Deportation and the Power of Democratic Resistance" was the title of the Ware Lecture, presented by Maria Hinojosa at the 2010 UUA GA.  It was moving, inspiring and something that those from UUFD who attended want to share with our entire community. 

Maria Hinojosa believes we are living in a profound historic moment. Things are happening before our very eyes that are wreaking havoc with the core values of who we are as a country. As a journalist, Hinojosa has been able to see much of what is hidden in plain sight in the story of the detention and deportation of immigrants, both legal and not. What is of concern is not only the treatment of these human beings, but what this entire experience is doing to American citizens, their rights, due process and the core values of a free American society.

Following the lecture presentation, Nicole Mosher, Director of Companeros: Four Corners Immigration Resource Center, will update us on local and regional immigration issues. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013 - 1:00pm