Social Justice


The UUFD Social Justice Committee envisions a world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.  We promote Social Justice locally and internationally through

  • education
  • direct service
  • advocacy
  • financial support to organizations

 Meeting Schedule

We generally meet from Noon until 1 PM on the 3rd Sunday of each month (check event calendar above to confirm)


Our members currently number 35, over a third of the UUFD membership.  Several members belong to other churches.  We continually seek new members and collaboration with other organizations leverage our impact.  Committee Chairs are Connie Cummins ( and Susan Koonce (Welcoming Congregations Sub-Committee Chair -

 Current Priorities/Needs

  • Compassionate Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Reproductive Justice
  • GLBT issues
  • Drone Warfare 
  • Economic Justice
  • Economic support and development


UUSC, UUFD and LaPlata County Work for Economic Justice


Important relationships have formed between UUFD, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) and LaPlata County over the common goal of economic justice.  One of the four focus areas of the UUSC is economic justice: “Economic justice is essential for securing basic human rights, alleviating local and global poverty, and achieving a more peaceful and just world” ( justice).


In 2008, the La Plata County Children, Youth and Family Master Plan (CYFMP) was completed. The work in creating this plan involved a year-long planning process with input from about two thousand people and then, a 6 month period when 200 people served on 7 committees to develop the 120 page five year plan.

The goal of the Master Plan is to “do everything we can as communities, to ensure that all of La Plata County's children, youth and families thrive”. The Master Plan includes seven key areas with recommendations and goals set for each. One key area,  Family Economics, made the following recommendation: “La Plata County and its multiple jurisdictions, service providers, employers and employees will work together to ensure that everyone residing in La Plata County has the opportunity to earn a livable wage”.


UUFD member Ron Garst gave a Sunday Service at UUFD on economic inequity in the U.S. in November 2012.  The Social Justice Committee felt this was important information to get out to the larger community and asked Ron to write an Op Ed on the same issue.  Ron wrote an excellent article which was published in the Durango Herald.  The Social Justice Committee invited Fellowship members to continue the discussion about economic inequality.  In response, Peter Tregillis told us he been involved in the CYFMP and suggested that we connect with people from that group who were still meeting. 


In February 2013 Maureen Maliszewski attended the next CYFMP meeting and discovered that nothing had happened regarding implementation after the recommendation was made in 2008 to establish a living wage.   But Maureen and one other person at the CYFMP meeting agreed to continue to work on this.  Subsequently four other UUFDers and several other people have joined the Family Economics Implementation subcommittee.  We recently named ourselves LaPlata County THRIVE! Living Wage Coalition (THRIVE! for short). 


In the past year THRIVE! has researched livable wage issues and approaches to achieving living wages in LaPlata County.  We have collaborated with the UUSC in our planning and hope to hear soon about a UUSC mini-grant for which they encouraged us to apply.  THRIVE will hold its kick-off event on Tuesday, February 11 at 130 Noble Hall at Fort Lewis College.  We will screen “Inequality for All” at 6PM, followed by a discussion.  There will be information about THRIVE! and well as opportunities to get involved and a raffle.  I hope to see many friends from UUFD there!


Warm Regards,


Connie Cummins 


Committee Chairperson: