Statement of Purpose

The caring committee provides caring support for those who are in need  in the congregation, and serves as the entry point for those cares and concerns. Once needs are brought to the attention of the committee,  the task is to assess and/or evaluate those needs,  to provide a framework from which appropriate action can be taken,  to oversee the action/s taken, and to provide follow-up.  The committee does not see itself as the sole responder to cares and concerns in the congregation; rather it informs the entire congregation and solicits  volunteers to assist in meeting any particular need.  The committee also serves as a clearinghouse for information and community resources.

The committee can respond in times of grief and loss, of illness and to changes in a relationship or employment. Tasks can include visits to the ill or the homebound, sending cards,  organizing meal trees, providing transportation, delivering flowers, telephone calls, referrals to community resources -  whatever is appropriate and reasonable with the available resources.

The committee meets bi-monthly. The committee works with the Hospitality,  Membership, and Religious Education committees to support the common interests and goals of each group.

For additional information, contact Liza Tregillus, chairperson (

Committee Chairperson: