About the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango is currently a group of just over one hundred members and friends who seek their own spirituality individually and together. We are an open-minded and tolerant group that uses reason, compassion and spirituality as our tools for personal and communal growth. We leave specific theological doctrine up to each individual, however we believe firmly in our principles. (see Principles&Sources).

We meet Sundays at 10:00 am for a worship service that include: reflection, readings, singing and a talk that is more informative and thought provoking than it is a sermon. This talk is delivered by a visiting UU minister, a UUFD member or friend or someone who is knowledgeable on a particular subject of interest to us. Lively discussion follows each talk. We have chosen to be a lay-led group and in addition to our Sunday services we often get together for: discussion groups, circle suppers, potlucks, family outings, after service lunches, and a variety of other ways that we are active in the Durango community.

For our ‘UU Kids’ we offer a religious education program which meets every Sunday during the school year. This program is growing rapidly. We also offer childcare during every Sunday service and many special events. Our UU Kids learn about other cultures, traditions, religions and belief systems as well as our own Unitarian Universalist principles and beliefs. Most importantly our UU Kids group gives children and families in Durango a place to come together for our common good. It is a place to establish roots for the children, where they will be respected and supported on their own life path.

The UUFD was founded here in Durango in 1967. We welcome those who are interested in becoming a member of UUFD.  There are materials available to learn about Unitarian Universalism, and support from the Membership Committee members. To join UUFD, you sign our membership book as an expression of your commitment to participate and contribute to the life of our fellowship.  This responsibility includes any combination of attendance, volunteer work, and financial contribution.  We search for truth and meaning and we welcome all to come grow with us spiritually.


The UUFD Mission Statement is to:

•Provide a home for the individual spiritual search and religious development.
•Serve our community by putting our beliefs into action.
•Provide religious education for all interested members and friends.

Phone: (970) 247-1004 - Email: information@durangouu.org
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